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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Famous? Just a touch. (Part 1)

This post will be brief. A moment to take in all that is unfolding around me, and focus on just one of the many threads weaving in and out of my life every day of every week leading up to the end of 2012:

"Calling to You"
India Tour 2012

As I sit here typing, all the vaccinations needed for India are wreaking havoc on my body, so I'm taking a day to let them play, and will go back to work tomorrow. Right now I'm enjoying a condensed version of the flu--what will happen when the polio kicks in??

A few weeks ago, I marked a year since joining Deborah Abel Dance Company. This weekend I'll be celebrating "Concussion Day!" as my friends and I affectionately refer to the anniversary of a small drop on the head leading to 8 weeks of recovery. (8 weeks that in retrospect, I honestly think I needed.) In March, we performed this show with such intensity, fullness, and depth that I couldn't really imagine bringing it back to that state for the tour this December, but now that we're less than 4 weeks away, I am confident we'll not only match, but surpass the production we debuted in Boston.

And here is the transformation in visual form:

Calling to You - Duet with Joe Gonzales, March 2012
Photo by Liza Voll
The above photo is among my favorites from March. It depicts the very end of my duet with Joe, and it so beautifully embodies the emotions Deborah asked us to portray. A genuine reunion of our two characters: Prema and Viveka.

Fast forward to now: Check it out! Deborah Abel Dance Company's NEW logo, featured on the company's T-shirts, and spearheading our fundraiser for India. How cool! 

It's wonderful to view this moment of the production transcribed into lines, and a somewhat tingly experience to glance at it the first time and recognize pieces of it as myself. Famous? Just a touch. But mostly, it is beautiful to watch aspects of the March production melt down and reshape itself to join us on our adventure to India, and this new chapter of the production as we move forward.

If you are interested in learning more about the production, and to see some video footage of myself and the rest of the cast in March, I encourage you to take a peek at the company's current Kickstarter page.